“Watch Investor Pro Reveal His BEST Deal
Source You Haven't Seen Before....”

"In Our 40 Years of Combined RE Investing This Is the BEST Lead Source We Have"

Jeff O., Real Estate Investor

"I couldnt beleive the lead flow source was this good, but I got into it and now I have multiple house deals I wouldnt have had without this training.

Andre H., Real Estate Investor

"I took this training and in 6 mos I had 900k worth of equity and some cashflowing properties on houses i bought through this source!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is inside your Training?

A. Everything you need to know about accessing the best Real Estate Investment Lead source on the planet. You’ll learn how to tap leads from the Tax Sale process in the United States so you can have all the real estate deals you can handle. Know the difference between Tax Liens vs Tax Deeds, when they occur, which ones are “best”, how to research them and buy the right ones for low risk, maximum interest (liens) or best value to OWN the real estate (deeds).

Q. What results can I expect from your Training?

A. Our training teaches people how to find deals, analyze them, fund them, and flip or hold them with the ultimate goal of building a portfolio of passive income that replaces the J.O.B. and continues growing for multiple generations. We call it “Generational Income”. We want your result to be financial independence as quickly as you can and we provide the guidance down a path you can count on, not a maze of confusion. We provide the Knowledge, Interactive Support, AND mechanical tools for you get started fast and keep your momentum.

Q. Why is this program better than other information?

A. There is a long list, but we’ll just say a few. First we train 5 strategies to make money in tax sales depending on where you are as an investor and the resources available to you. This is not one-size fits all, that rarely works. Secondly, we provide more support than anyone else via email and Live weekly coaching. Our online resources that complement the training are unmatched by anyone. Thirdly, and maybe most important, we’ve been in real estate for 40 combined years and done almost everything, combined with our training as leaders and trainers in the military, make us pretty darn good at getting people started. We bring a vast experience to the table in our training, not just for tax sales, but for funding, rehabbing, and managing property. You will get ALL the Pieces to the Puzzle.

Q. How do I know this training will work for me?

A. If you’re willing to do what the training instructs, it works. It doesn’t require high levels of education or expertise. If you can turn on a computer and browse online, you can learn how to do this. Also these proven investment techniques have been around for decades, this is not the investment flavor of the year. You can trust the activities you’re doing will produce fruit. When you commit to being successful in this training, you’ll quickly see you can’t imagine investing any other way. Tax Sales are a fantastic way to build income and wealth, and you can enjoy an independence most only dream about.

Q. Will this training work for males/females? Am I too young/ old to use this training?

A. Male, female, Young, Senior, it doesn’t matter. However, the sooner the better! This training is for anyone who wants to build wealth for their family through the awesome revenue power of real estate. It’s a reliable, tried and true way to cut out the clutter and achieve financial independence. 

Q. How do I know it’s safe to order from your website? 

A. This site is completely secure and no one is sharing any purchase information. We take these matters very seriously, and your browser should show a “locked” icon when you’re on the order page, indicating a secure purchase page.

"In Our 40 Years of Combined RE Investing This Is the BEST Lead Source We Have"